In March the National bank acquired more than 90 kg of gold of

In March the National bank acquired more than 90 kg of gold ofBy the beginning of April, 2011 gold and foreign exchange reserves of National Bank totaled 27 647,9 kgs of gold, the newspaper "Business" reports. By April first of the current year the Volume of the international reserves of Ukraine reached 36,4 billion dollars. From this sum 3,5 percent are the share of "gold" assets.

Thus, by April first of this year at the disposal of National Bank of Ukraine there were 889 thousand troy ounces of gold. Data of structure of the international reserves testify to this fact published on the National Bank site. In terms of kgs it makes 27 647,9 kgs of gold.

That fact is remarkable that, despite transcendental cost of gold which in March established new price records, the National Bank for last month in addition acquired 93,3 kgs of this precious metal that makes three thousand troy ounces.

In April of the price for this metal started raise even more promptly, and in only three weeks they could add almost five percent so analysts of the Ukrainian Central Bank did not lose with purchase.

In April of the price for gold decided not to stop on reached, and continued to break historical records.

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