Energobank represents for clients the Bonus package deal of Private Banking of

The power bank decided to enter a new product. This product is the bonus package deal on the basis of Visa Platinum, the international payment card. This bonus package deal intends only for VIP-clients of Bank. The Visa Platinum card is the premium class card, meaning expanded functionality, the first class service, the exclusive discount program, and also a wide range of additional services.

This international payment card is not only very convenient financial instrument which is capable to give to his owner comfort, freedom, and also VIP-service guarantees in any point of the world. It also is a symbol which confirms the high status of the client of Bank. Any client of Power bank being the owner of a bank card of Visa Platinum, automatically becomes the user of an offered Bonus package deal who fully corresponds to the special status and style of the man of means.

If the client of bank gets such Bonus package from Power bank on the basis of the Visa Platinum card, it should be prepared for that in his life of the pleasant moments becomes a little more.

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