Brokbusinessbank will establish self-service booths in Kherson.

Operating in interests of the clients, the JSC Brokbusinessbank branch located in the city of Kherson, aspires to that its services were the most available. For this purpose the branch establishes a booth of self-service which will be to the following address: city of Kherson, Budyonny Street, 1.

The terminal of self-service will be located in a building of road service station of the long-distance message. Any client of JSC Brokbusinessbank who lives in Kherson or which follows through it a bus route, will have possibility to save personal temporary resources. This booth of self-service can use 24 hours per day.

This device provides removal of available funds, replenishment of card customer accounts by them, obtaining information on balance on the card, repayment of the card loan or the line of credit, implementation of a money transfer from one card on another. Besides those clients who decided to use this booth of self-service, will have possibility to pay service of various mobile operators, and also some other enterprises or available funds, or by means of a payment card.

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