People who grew rich on Forex

People who grew rich on ForexInformation on the people who have grown rich on Forex is always interesting.
As very interesting example the success of the pensioner from Germany serves. Ingebor Mots till forty eight years was the housewife, raised children, was engaged in the house. 10 years ago the woman began to work at the market Forex. She could earn one million euros, trading on it. Somehow the husband reproached her with inability to earn independently. It also induced it to work in the interbank market. The husband of Frau Ingebor, unfortunately, did not live to her success. He died, without having managed to estimate its ability, as financier. The securities inherited from the husband, the woman made investments which brought it wealth. She uses stable and simple methods of trade in the market. Buys papers of those banks which hundred exist years. Its daily income now to 10000 dollars!
Many heard about such legend, as George Soros. Known American investor, businessman. He was born in 1930. And earned on collapses of English currency about two billion American dollars. Began the way at the exchange it with 600 American dollars, in 10 years turned in 100 million dollars. Soros’s advanced calculations in the financial markets of the world became through its company to Curacao (the Caribbean island). In his opinion, exchange rates are formed on the basis of assumptions concerning a course in the near future. Its transactions short-term, have the speculative direction. He likes to use loans in the operations.
One more well-known name – Warren Baffet. This is the billionaire from the USA. The supporter of investments long-term in the classical bargaining. Forex works by rules of standard philosophy of the market. He earned the first twelve cents in 6 years. For this purpose he bought packing from 6 bottles of Coca-Cola. Then sold bottles more expensively. In seven years it made the first transaction. Parents presented to it six actions from Cities Service, then their cost was 38 dollars for everyone. Later time they rose in price for two dollars, the boy sold them, earned 12 dollars. But soon actions flew up to 200 American dollars, the boy was afflicted. It promised that in the future will not hurry. Baffet invests money in actions of the companies with which are easy for operating. It studies balances of firms, but also the management biography, corporate structure. Is not interested, as Soros, speculation short-term. Warren likes to invest in the long-term companies. It bore excellent fruits. It likes to buy up the actions which have gone down in price, but at which good prospects. Baffet uses the fundamental analysis, looks at operational and financial performance. It is put in the underestimated assets of successful businesses. This is very excentric person. The press adores its quotes. All were surprised in due time by its unwillingness to be put in high technologies. And he explained that it does not want, as it has no computer. This person does not use even the calculator as possesses unique mathematical abilities. The billionaire is capable to count difficult mathematical operations in mind.

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