How it is correct to make an accumulative contribution with a favorable rate?

How it is correct to make an accumulative contribution with a favorable rate?

accumulative contribution

It is known that it is not simply to earn money, but it is even more difficult to make favorable deposits. Many consider what to protect money from depreciation it is possible, by converting in foreign currency, but this opinion it is erroneous. The currency too depreciates, the truth much more slowly.

To increase the savings and to make a favorable accumulative contribution, it is necessary to choose reliable bank. All financial institutions use deposits for delivery of the credits. Any credit is connected with risk as there is a probability that it will not be extinguished, so, in any degree the investor too is endangered.

Absolutely reliable credits as well as banks, do not happen. Each financial institution can go bankrupt, therefore it is impossible to make favorable deposits and more about anything not to worry. If it would be desirable to keep the savings, it is necessary to be engaged and not to allow constantly them simple mistakes.

First of all, it is impossible to do an accumulative contribution in one bank. It is expedient to place certain sums in different financial institutions, thus it is impossible to forget that different branches of bank represent the same institution.

The main mistake of people is the belief that establishment which has many branches, is the most reliable. Specifics of system such is that in case of problems with a large institution Fund of guaranteeing deposits has no possibility to pay off with the population as its means are limited.

High rates on deposits not always speak about big risks. Usually the size of rates depends on the size of the institution. The highest rates offer small financial institutions, and the lowest – large. If there is a choice between the same banks on the size, where on deposits it is less than a rate as the couple of superfluous percent can turn back a malicious joke is better not to risk and choose.

Depending on the current situation it is necessary to change structure of deposits. It is impossible to keep in rubles all money only in spite of the fact that on deposits in national currency it is much more favorable than a rate, than on currency deposits. All know that the main currency is the US dollar, after all it sets the fashion in the market therefore to place deposits in euro or francs it is possible only in that case when dynamics of their courses is clear. On dollar deposits it is possible to make good money, but it is possible and to lose. Such option is chosen usually by the people inclined to currency speculation.

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