How competently to save money

How competently to save moneyFinance has one surprising cumulative feature: their all the time does not suffice. It also concerns everyone the person, irrespective of the size of its bank account or the social status. To save the personal means intelligently is a high quality for everyone. How to learn competently, to keep the finance? 1. Write down. It concerns all purchases, including the absolutely small. By words, some people to understand and correct the expenses, it is necessary to conduct records within one week. But it is better, to do it for a month. You need care, but the effect is quite notable.

2. Plan. Establish articles of the income and expenses. Designate necessary payments – a mortgage, approximate costs of products, municipal payments etc. Count these expenses and you will know how many at you remains money. At such approach you can keep the family budget approximately for 6-8 percent a month. After such planning it is possible to find, what expenses are better for cutting down, moving or lowering.

To count expenses it is possible on categories. For this purpose get in the magazine with records of expenses: food, transport, clothes, entertainments, travel — sort, as to you is more favorable. On each category develop approximate norm and trace, as far as still it is possible to spend.

The bank account — is that finance which can fit on the most rainy day or on any big acquisition. How many to carry in bank? It depends and on that, how strictly you adhere above to the listed methods of economy.
This way is modification previous, those who receives a salary on a bank card can apply it. The economy turns out thus. To each next salary on a card there should be a certain sum of means — for rainy day. If there will be a need, it is possible to remove the established sum.

To get into debt, certainly, much more simply, than with them to pay off. The circumstance when you houses left a purse can appear the unique probable basis of a loan, and in one pocket of finance is not present.

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