How not to spend the salary at once: some good advice, helping to save.

How not to spend the salary at once: some good advice, helping to save.

How not to spend the salary at once: some good advice, helping to save.

Often, we can notice that people with even very modest salary, dare to postpone gradually. Then at them it turns out to make large purchases without need to get into debt and the credits. And we buy to ourselves pleasant trifles "as a hobby", and then we sit on a financial diet to the following salary. How to make so that at once it not to spend, and that remained it is a little more, that it was possible to postpone?

First of all, it is necessary to remember one very useful rule – not to take that is not necessary for us. Gathering to shop, check those products which come to an end or already ended and get only them. Even if shops arrange different actions, do not give in. When products will end – then we will get. It concerns not only food, but also all categories of the goods. Even making such large purchases as the accumulator for a car, be not lost in contemplation of new tires or any accessories for the car. After all in itself this subject costs considerable money, and you will spend even more.

One more council upon purchase of products – do not carry on the cart products, and carry in hands a basket better. So you "will experience" weight and will count that it is better to leave some products on supermarket regiments.

If you have such possibility – perfectly if is not present – the Internet to you in the help: buy constantly required goods (for example, household chemicals) small wholesale. So it will turn out to save, and the demanded goods always will be near at hand.

Try to define your dream. Let it something will be real. Also create certain "fund" for its implementation. Agree with itself that will begin to postpone in this "fund" of twenty percent of the salary.

And still, now there were special programs – something like the financial assistant. You enter every day the wastes, and the computer will show, how many money was spent in vain.

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