What it is necessary to know about investments in the conditions of crisis?

What it is necessary to know about investments in the conditions of crisis?

What it is necessary to know about investments in the conditions of crisis?

One of the most interesting questions during crisis is investment. The person wants to be sure of correctness of the monetary investments that is quite natural. In this article it will be a question of effective investments and related risk.

Such type of investment as the bank deposit, will justify itself in case of a choice of foreign currency. Contributions will be depreciated because of devaluation and inflation. But it is not necessary to hope for increase in means. To trust advertizing of high-percentage deposits too we do not advise. Besides, it is necessary to be well informed about work of the bank chosen by you and possibilities of its development.

Purchase of gold which will help to keep the capital under condition of a large sum is rather widespread. During crisis, as a rule, as precious metals silver and gold act. It is necessary to take that the situation in the world on an extent of the last decades essentially changed in attention. The requirement of the industry, in particular, the jeweler sphere in gold is a little limited, in this connection it even more often "turns" into investment ingots.

The third method – acquisition of securities – bonds, actions etc. – is a little interesting to beginning investors. Cost of many organizations is underestimated by the market therefore this process demands stage-by-stage realization. There is a possibility of formation of a long-term portfolio of investments at the average price with good potential of growth. Profound knowledge and understanding of a situation in the market here are required to carry out purchase of actions of the underestimated companies.

The business in crisis and purchase of real estate can become one more "rescue". The first is suitable for those who has a certain experience in this sphere. And the real estate depreciates, therefore it is possible to think at a leisure of house acquisition on the seashore or even the whole hotel.

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