Money happens different. The little-known facts

Money happens different. The little-known facts

Money happens different. Little-known facts.

Since the moment when we started to take money in hands, we learned that they happen paper (banknotes) and metal (coins). But, strangely enough, money can have the most various form. As money is a cost equivalent, during the different historical periods the concept "cost" also was expressed differently. Therefore, the type of money accepted absolutely unexpected forms for the modern person.

So, in some countries (Burma, China) up to the XX century in the form of a payment for any goods or service accepted tiled tea and salt. Ancient Mexico was famous for that instead of coins or banknotes inhabitants were obliged to pay in sacks of cocoa beans. Cases when in the same purposes used tobacco, rice or fish are known. Quite often and the cattle was currency. And, in Ancient Russia considered such "currency" foreign. The sacks filled by opium often served in South East Asia as money, and in China pieces of a silk fabric were a means of exchanging. It is interesting that bones of animals served in the state of ancient Aztecs as currency. However such currency was considered as the person as her turn in the state was limited.

Probably, each of us admired beauty of sea sinks. But we will notice that during ancient times sea sinks also were a means of exchanging. Sinks attached to rags of skin or the most ordinary fabric, collecting thus a certain quantity of money. The skin of a marten was the most popular coin in Ancient Russia during trade with east countries.

If to consider money which are in a turn now, it is possible to draw a conclusion that their manufacturing demands only some metal and paper. However at the time of inflation in the early twenties of the XX century in Germany coins were made of porcelain which replaced paper and metal. However porcelain coins had quite short period of a turn.

Today we any more do not use similar currency. However credit cards which are quite popular among modern society, also in some way it is possible to consider as the money made of plastic.

Let’s notice that if you intend to present to relatives or friends any sum, use gift certificates which can be ordered in bank. They not only will be original, but also a beautiful gift.

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