Main reason for failure

Everything the knowing statistics argues that 80 percent of beginning businessmen within the first year suffer failure.
It occurs because some cannot accurately formulate for themselves the main idea of business, incorrectly plan time, cannot accurately present and realize an advertizing campaign. However, all this is from area of guesses. But the reason of unsuccessful attempts of the business is in any case known, consisting in a lack of the necessary information and inability it to extract.
It is known that for success in business it is necessary to be able to make the right decisions. And such it is possible only at possession all completeness of information.
Often beginners in the business, not having practical experience, independently collect information and come to grief. It is impossible to do without the qualified team, capable to help the beginner to divide acceptance it is unique the right decision.
In other words, the lawyer possessing qualification will solve the problems making competence of the lawyer much more effectively. And the questions connected with taxes, the expert who is well familiar with subtleties of the tax reporting much better will clear. And in the same way the accounting reporting precisely and will be made in time not by the businessman, namely the accountant who already tens performed such work.
Thus, one of the most probable causes of failures of the beginning businessman is his desire independently to solve all questions of business, even in what he understands nothing.

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