Duties of the founder of business

The major, perhaps, a task of the owner of business consists in development of a complex of rules which most effectively would promote success of the company. Rules of hiring of employees, criteria of encouragement and personnel awarding, principles of communication with clients of the company and so on mean, for example.
The exists such rules more, businessmen consider, the it is possible to inform to all group of employees better, the it is less in the confusion company. Thanks to these rules, for example, themselves questions, in other companies which are not paying to it attention, giving rise to mass of disputes act in film. It is a question, in particular, of questions of charge of awards, of penalties, collectings and so on.
One more unconditional duty of the founder of business is providing the personnel of the company with necessary rooms and the equipment. In life we often become witnesses of that this task is entrusted to other employees and as a result the company inevitably faces numerous problems. Though in principle the owner of business as the person being the author of technology of firm and supervising financial streams passing through the company, is simply obliged to organize independently both office, and the equipment necessary for works. As a sample many Japanese companies in this case can serve, which production rooms literally "sharpen" under the solution of absolutely specific objectives of business.

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