In search of the extra capital

In search of the extra capital

In search of the extra capital

In many cases the private or legal entity need a loan of means. Many of them use financial institutions and make out the credit.

At first it is necessary to decide on type of loan which best of all is suitable for you. For the people owning the business, there is a possibility of obtaining the loan for legal entities. In case of business opening the situation becomes complicated and it is necessary to resort to financing within crediting of individuals. There are restrictions: the sum of the credit does not exceed one million rubles.

To liquidate problems under force to the investor, but then you will be obliged to share with it both the income, and the rights to operate business.

It is necessary to choose bank with the optimum program of crediting. We advise carefully to watch advertizing of financial institutions, and also to study the Internet sites devoted to finance, and official sites of directly banks. Choosing the credit, consider not only interest rate, but also and the additional commissions which are capable to increase financing cost essentially.

Collect all necessary documents. Each bank shows the list of papers. In any case your passport is required. If it is necessary to issue the credit for the legal entity, existence of its registration documents obligatory. In addition prepare tax declarations according to the enterprise income.

At office of bank the demand for the credit is filled. Remember, signing of all papers, as a rule, needs personal presence or the consent certified by the notary from founders of firm. There is a set случав when the financial institution agrees to a loan, which less shown by you in the demand.

Before signing, well study the credit agreement. If there are any questions, ask the bank employee to explain you the unclear moments. At desire can use services of the legal adviser.

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