Business in Great Britain

Business in Great Britain

Business in Great Britain

The business in Great Britain is a safety, stability, reliability and the high income.

Skilled professionals, lawyers and financial advisers of «Denis Miller’s European holding» надают a full soputstvovaniye at creation and purchase of ready or small business in Great Britain, company registration.
The following belongs to the main advantages of the English companies:

High world authority of England as member of the European union. Great Britain is not in one of black lists of the "offshore" countries, was never and will not be the territory with non-resident specifics.

Extensive possibilities of application of the English companies (as ordinary resident, holding, nominal, non-resident).
Probability of use of a large number of contracts on evasion of the double taxation which were concluded by Great Britain with other countries (and at their Great Britain more than at all others – more than 130).

It is possible to carry that fact to shortcomings of the English companies that England in itself at all has no relation to the countries with the taxation of preferential level, and also necessary maintaining accounts department and submission of the financial statements, the first obligatory participation in auditor check in 18 months after completion of registration of the company. But, as we know, that «all our shortcomings are a continuation of our possibilities». It means that under unequivocal conditions, tasks and the purposes all stated above at all shortcomings.

According to the British legislation, in England it is possible to register the company, proceeding from four types of firm:
1. The company with limited liability is when each shareholder responsible for the sum of unpaid actions which are in his possession. There is a stable obverse cost on a separate action, for example, 150 actions create the share capital of firm. 4 can be let out and paid completely, and the balance of 146 actions is concerning responsibility company in the extent.
2. The company with limited liability on a guarantee – all shareholders and members of the company are responsible within the sum which they agree to enclose in firm assets. Such type of the company exists to carry out the charitable purposes more often, such firms are forbidden to be used for implementation of transactions with receiving profit.
3. The company with unlimited responsibility – a private type of the company where there are for her members in general no restrictions.
4. The open-end company – means that all its actions can be exposed on public sale, responsibility of the company is thus limited to limits of the sum of the personal paid actions.

If the overseas citizen wants to arrive to Great Britain as the businessman, from it it is required to enclose in personal business in England at least 200 000 English pounds sterling. It is necessary to remember that the initial sum is higher, the chances that experts of Home Office in your statement will pass the positive decision increase. Besides, to well-founded businessmen and further less strict requirements.

Means which you want to invest in business in Great Britain, are obliged to be only your own money, they cannot be borrowed from other source.

If you decided to open the business in England, to you issue for the first 2 years the special visa "Businessman". Throughout this time you are obliged to enclose the full sum of development of business and to create for existence of your company necessary 2 workplaces. After two-year term will come to an end, at you possibility for three years will prolong the visa "Businessman". The immigration service of Great Britain will give similar permission only in case you did not break a rule of the immigration legislation of the country, and you should prove this fact documentary.

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