Where investors invest the capital

Where investors invest the capital

The investor with money

With a view of receiving profit businessmen invest the capital in various objects of business activity. These investments also are called as investments. Investments are carried out in the form of investments in real estate, intellectual property, and also in type of loan, money, securities etc.

The credit and investments differ with risk degree for the investor. A principal debt on the credit, including percent, the borrower is obliged to return to the borrower to the appointed term. And here investments make profit only from effective projects. If the project in which you enclosed investments, has no prospects, and to receive the income to you, most likely, it will not be possible. Investors should be extremely attentive at a project choice where they intend to invest.

How to define the favorable and effective project? In what enterprises it is necessary to put the assets further to take from them the income? Economists consider that the enterprise for attraction of investments should:

First, to have the perspective business plan. Investors should be sure of future profitability of the enterprise. The profitability of the production, rendered services is higher, the it is more than chances that investors will cooperate with you.

Secondly, your enterprise should have good reputation. If the investor has no trust to activity of your enterprise, with any arrangements they will be not not involved. The investor needs stable, instead of the shadow enterprise!

Thirdly, each enterprise should conduct transparent activity. In order that be well informed about all your activity investors can to request the accounting reporting and other organizational documents.

Fourthly, a lot of things depends on domestic policy of your country. Foreign investors for deposits prefer the countries with stable economy. Each investor wants to be sure in tomorrow.

In practice not always these formal requirements are observed. Generally these conditions play an essential role for portfolio investors. Investments can be involved and in other cases. Investors always consider a ratio of profitability and risk of the investments. Many investors prefer to risk to receive the maximum possible income. Others choose smaller profit at smaller risk. However, the confidence is necessary to each investor that his investments will make profit. And this main condition of that he will agree to invest the capital.

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