How it is correct to expose a prize for sale on eBay?

How it is correct to expose a prize for sale on eBay?

As it is correct to expose a prize for sale

Before selling the goods it is necessary to have auction page. On this page you should expose a photo of the goods which want to sell, its short description, a method of payment and goods deliveries. Now we will consider all this in more detail.

The photo of a sold subject.

That you could insert the photo on an auction village to you it is necessary to make the digital image of the goods. After that it is necessary to keep goods photo in a network. It is impossible to put a photo on your goods from other page of any buyer. Thus, you risk to break the law. Also your goods can be not so such in that photo. For auction you need to take the qualitative picture on which all details of the goods will be visible. After all the sold goods with the bad photo will not involve clients. According to the goods photo always judge the seller.

Photo format.

For photo placement on page of auction it is necessary to make a digital photo in the GIF or JPEG format. For this purpose you can use the chamber the digital or usual photo. Besides it would be desirable to pay your attention that the photo owes a message no more than the 30th kilobyte. If the size of the photo is higher specified, the page will be loaded very long. And you after all know that the people in most cases do not like to wait. Besides the photo despite of everything should be qualitative. To reduce the photo in the size it is possible, using installation of 72 dpi. Thus, you will achieve that speed when scanning will be high. Also it is not recommended to carry out goods photo on all screen. Will be the small photo enough. The most important that on it everything would be visible. Also you can use photo compression. If you compress a photo to 80 %, visually you will not notice it. Except these recommendations you can use and others. It will even more improve quality of the photo.

How to keep a photo in a network.

Now almost all auctions render service of loading of the photo on the server. If want, can even keep the photos on the site. When put the goods photo on the page, be convinced that URL to your photo is written without mistakes. After photo preservation, you can check yourselves. Write URL of your photo in the browser. If the photo with your goods appears, everything is normal, and if is not present, it is necessary for you to check everything once again.

The goods description also as well as the photo has huge value for the buyer. In the description it is necessary for you to write about a condition of a sold thing. Besides write about the goods only the truth. Also try, as it is possible to describe your goods in more detail. In so case you protect yourselves from superfluous inquiries.

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