The Ukrainian investments pay off

The Ukrainian investments pay off

The Ukrainian investments pay off

According to words of the international experts, still any project in Ukraine which would be directed on creation and maintenance in the country of system of the renewable electric power did not suffer crash, did not come nearer to a mark of a problem economic or financial situation and did not bring to the investors of losses. Such information was sounded within the III European-Ukrainian power day.

Then that such projects operate some kind of as a thermos – they grow and then keep at one level long enough. The difference consists only that by the time of, when to hold level it is not so necessary, projects grow, and here liquid in a thermos nevertheless cools down. However, after all and should be, whether not so?

The opinion concerning profitability of such investments was sounded by Martin Mayer, the head of the expert Center of the renewed sources of the electric power of UniCredit Leasing Group. Besides he emphasized that at present the investment portfolio of group exceeds 1 billion dollars and, possibly, and will grow further.

Ayra Saul Rubenshtayn, within an assessment of investment appeal of Ukraine noticed that despite a habit «to inflate some problems», Ukraine as a whole is quite attractive country for business.

Nikolay Pashkevich, head Gosagentsva of power efficiency and energy saving, within the same meeting declared that by 2030 Ukraine has possibility to reach 15 % of a share of renewable sources of the electric power within balance of the country as a whole. It means that remain only plans and will be excluded as inexpedient additional nuclear reactors in number of two objects about which power engineering specialists until recently spoke. However their two four nevertheless will be built. «But after all also it is already positive result!» – he noted.

We can note for ourselves that fact what to do business in Ukraine it is possible and it is necessary, but it is necessary to choose a field of activity carefully.

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