It is possible to construct business on cleaning?

It is possible to construct business on cleaning?On what it is possible to construct business if all places in the world of business are already occupied? There are some options, and one of them absolutely nonconventional – cleaning, after all there are various situations when the person has no possibility to put in order the housing, and the help of such firms which provide cleaning service of apartments or even houses is necessary to it. But for this purpose it is necessary to know some nuances.

First, it is best of all, when only one person cleans one house, instead of group of companions which are not capable to organize work. Besides, the less people work in the company, the it will be more difficult them, but the payment of their work will be higher.

Secondly, by preparation of quotations it is necessary to consider some factors:

– the cleaning reason (repair, general or it is simple);

– urgency of work (certain quantity of time or all working day);

– the area of the cleaned territory (the house or the apartment);

Hourly payment of workers depends on these factors. But standard quotations should not exceed quotations of other firms. On the contrary, it is desirable for regular customers to do discounts because they will save up your means on advertizing.

Thirdly, workers should be diligent, hardworking. Than quicker and qualitative your employees will cope with work, your rating is higher than subjects, however it is not necessary to admit somebody to the company. Cleaners, despite such profession, should be quiet, tolerant, adequate. If someone rebukes them concerning quality of their work – they should correct. I advise at the initial stage to you personally to watch it that then there were no unpleasant situations.

There are situations, and is frequent, when cleaners or domrabotnik for lack of owners bring into the house of extraneous people, put on clothes of owners. It is not pleasant to owners, when during time cleaning of apartments something occurs to their things or in the house there are extraneous people from whom it is not known that it is necessary to expect.

If your employees clean the house of elderly people, it is not necessary to refuse additional work, for example, cooking, but at additional expense about what the head of the company and owners of the apartment should know. In general, any additional services should be discussed directly with company administration, instead of with the worker.

The income will be not million, but stable.

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