EBay auction: how it works?

EBay auction: how it works?

EBay auction: how it works?

The eBay auction began the existence since 1996. Then he became a leader among all known auctions. The eBay auction reached such results thanks to good advertizing. But there is more to come. Very huge role in it was played by easy using auction. Now the eBay auction has a huge number of users. Thus all users are officially registered. At auction the large quantity of the goods, more than 50 million names of the goods is exposed.

It would be desirable to talk a little how to use auction.

The structure of auction includes a large quantity of pages on which the goods are described. Together with the description of the goods it is accepted to call these pages prizes. Besides that it was possible to find easily the goods, it sorted on categories.

The prize of auction represents web page. Each web page has number. Besides at a prize surely there is a name of the prize and the description of a sold subject, the subject photo. Each prize has an owner. The owner establishes the initial price for the goods, defines the period of time of action of a prize. In most cases the prize is exposed from 1 to 10 days. During this period of time everything who liked an exposed prize can do the rates. Wins, it is natural the one who will offer the greatest sum of money for the goods. Then the winner in the specified terms transmits to the seller money for the goods.

The owner of the goods can put minimum price for which it can give a prize on the prize. This price established by the seller carries the name of the reserve price. The reserve price surely should be above an initial rate for a prize. if the prize does not receive the reserve price for all the time of the auction, on a prize you can see the following record: Reserve Price Not Met. At the completion of the auction the seller can not sell the goods for a prize if the reserve price was not established, respectively the buyer which price appeared lower, also can not pay extra money if does not wish.

There are such prizes which except minimum price have also the maximum cost. This cost is called by Buy It Now. If someone from people offers a ceiling price, the further auction stops also the person who offered a ceiling price, it is considered the winner.

On prizes it is possible to do rates at any time. Besides each prize has a certain step. The rate can be increased only by a certain step, to put a rate with the lowest step it is forbidden.

During auction there is a croupier, at this croupier automatic. The croupier can lift a rate on one step.

After the completion of the bargaining the owner of the goods contacts each buyer by means of e-mail. In the letter by e-mail the owner of the goods notifies on sale details, offers methods of payment. In most cases payment for the goods make on PayPal system, sometimes a credit card and in other ways. Payment for the goods in WebMoney system, Privat-mani and other systems is forbidden.

In any country for each user there is a status page. On this page all information on the goods is displayed. The person in one and too time can be both the buyer, and the seller.

Auction has the search engine. You can quickly find a subject interesting you in this system. All subjects are located in auction on categories and subcategories.

Besides after the successful transaction it is desirable that both the seller and the buyer expressed the opinion each other. The opinion placed on page, is called as a response. Positive and negative responses are specified near a user name in brackets.

If you face for the first time purchase at the Ebay auction, you can have a mass of questions. To answer these questions wishes nobody. Cases when the transaction is cancelled very often meet because the client lives outside of America or Europe. It too causes difficulties. Many any neponyatnost arise with goods payment. Therefore before starting to use the Ebay auction it is necessary to know about it something.

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