Business idea: organization of a car wash

Business idea: organization of a car wash

Car wash

According to statements of experts, a car wash — business rather profitable. Its profitability reaches forty percent, and the most expensive equipment pays off within two-three years depending on number of clients. As the statistics shows, nearly a half of all number of motorists prefers to care of purity of the vehicles, addressing to services of car washes. Therefore the idea to enclose finance in this type of business is quite reasonable and at a competent approach is capable to bring in the decent income.

In what this most competent approach consists?

Before starting the organization of any business, it is recommended to make the detailed business plan with calculation of the forthcoming expenses, the expected income, profitability and payback of future enterprise. As to directly car wash, in this case profitability and payback in many respects depend on an object site. It is best of all to choose a site located nearby to the highway — then it is possible to count on rather large number of clients.

Looking after a building for a car wash, it is important not to be mistaken with the area. It is worth to remember that besides a hall for service of cars rooms will be necessary for storage of expendables, the equipment of water-purifying constructions and the other details necessary for normal functioning of the enterprise. Certainly, all these moments should be included in the car wash business plan for more exact calculation of the forthcoming expenses.

Depending on type of design distinguish car washes of three categories: self-service sinks, portal and tunnel.

The first of them are equipped with a spray and a brush connected to the central compressor. The owner of the car himself chooses the type of service necessary to it: directly sink, opolaskivaniye or wax drawing.

Service in a portal sink is completely automated. The car drives in a special compartment then washing process since the beginning and up to the end occurs automatically.

The session of a tunnel sink occurs so: the car calls in in a long tunnel and, moving on the special conveyor, is exposed to all standard procedures.
And in summary about one important point accompanying undertaking of any business — the correct organization of advertizing. Equipping a car wash, it is worth to remember about a big and bright sign which will promote customer acquisition.

It can be both man’s, and female business. As you noticed already, anything there difficult is not present.

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