Research of activity of the enterprise

Research of activity of the enterpriseAt carrying out market researches by the most important point research of activity of the enterprise is. In order that the firm was late in the market and was rather successful, she is necessary for owning information on the external marketing environment and on a condition of the firm as a whole. For obtaining this information the department of marketing of this enterprise carries out an internal appraisal of activity. Carried-out researches pass in some stages.

The first stage provides formation of the purposes and research problems. A main goal is definition of a site of the enterprise today, considering the market and possibilities of this enterprise. Tasks can be diverse: to analyse a production activity, to study the commodity range, to estimate a financial and economic condition, to study material potential, to investigate organizational and planned system of firm, its information structure, and also to find out export and competitiveness possibility. Also it is only the main objectives, and there are many minor. There is also independent expert appraisal in Moscow which is led exclusively strictly and competently independent experts.

At the second stage selection of methods of carrying out the analysis is made. Methods can be a little: technical and economic, situational, factorial and matrix analyses, and also experts can apply methods of forecasting and economic-mathematical methods.

The third stage defines the contents and volumes of the necessary information, methods of its receiving and processing, and also sources. At this stage there is a collecting all information on the enterprise.

The following stages provide research of the concrete direction, generalization of results and development of a forecast, considering environment. At the final stage the general recommendations are developed. In end the report of researches provide to a firm management.

That to firm to estimate own possibilities, involve highly skilled experts.

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