Control of lottery business

Control of lottery business

Control of lottery business

Each inhabitant of Russia though time in life tested success in a lottery. Statistically regularly play about five percent of all population. Approximate expenditure for purchase of lottery tickets make about 150-200 rubles a year. For comparison: in the West people spend in 8 times less.

The lottery is one of the most large-scale kinds of activity which makes for organizers of a lottery considerably large profit. The average sum which is annually spent for implementation of lottery tickets in the world, makes 150-160 billion dollars. It is known that in Italy where the annual turnover of lottery business makes about 6,4 billion the dollars, all lotteries are state. And 15 % from sale of lottery tickets go on social needs.

Quite recently it became known that after long absence of systems of tracking over lottery business, the state of Russia also will take it under the control. The new law argues that prizes become much more, all private companies will be closed, and the quantity of the state will decrease. Expected term of adoption of amendments to the law «About lotteries» – the end of autumn session. For shadowing the enterprises which remain in the market and will carry out the activity, special separate department is created.

The TV channel «Moscow 24 ? reported that developers are concerned number of the unfair companies. Those companies which prepare tickets are such, carry out draws as a result of which the prize leaves to nonexistent people. Or it is not received in general by anybody. For people it would be more useful to buy the exercise machine on that money that they spend for purchase of lottery tickets.

Alexander Pochinok, the professor of the Higher school of economy, argues that one of the main moments is the increase in a share which goes on prizes. That growth of state revenues of lotteries will increase will be also important.

Will give out permission to carrying out prizes federal tax service. Documents and financial reports will be watched also by her.

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