Legal addresses for registration

Legal addresses for registrationThe legal address of firms – is one of the most obligatory points which should be specified in constituent documents of the organization. In fact, this location of the company on which it will be possible to come correspondence from every possible supervisory authorities, also can be carried out check. The majority of businessmen the legal address specify as own real estate. However not all possess the personal real estate and respectively cannot specify it in constituent documents. And then very opportunely there is such possibility as rent of the legal address in Moscow.

But rent of the legal address happens different: it is possible to make successfully rent, and it is possible to remain deceived. On it, at a choice of the legal address in the company and to tell at a choice of the company which will give you more truly, it to rent go will sell, it is necessary to be accusative and the nobility, on what is required to pay attention.

Legal addresses should be exclusively real. Their registration and granting, should mean granting a workplace in case of check. The legal address of firm is obliged to be documentary confirmed:

  • Copies of all documents on a property
  • Letter of guarantee

Except all this, firm registration in Moscow is in all districts of this city. Depending on the type of commerce, the area plays large role for the businessman. For example, rent of the legal address in Moscow in the center is more prestigious, but is more expensive much more, than on suburbs.

To address in the company which can provide the client with the lease contract with the owner of a room and as if necessary also to provide with the letter of guarantee. Which also can take on checks of completeness and correctness of registration of data. It will be much more favorable, than independent registration of open company.

The legal address of open company can be both inhabited, and a non-residential premise. The non-residential premise, is in rent or open company property. And here already the premises can easily enter in quality юр. addresses.

In any case, giving in charge the specialized company of all process of registration of open company in Moscow, for a short time you receive all package of necessary documentation, the press, the open account in bank, the legal address, and the solution of other necessary tasks at open company registration, thus, without having spent a lot of time and means.

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