How to do offshore business today?

How to do offshore business today?

How to do offshore business today?

Many companies have in the assets at least one (sometimes and more) the offshore company or the company in a bonded economic area.

First of all, the such companies are created with a view of optimization of the taxation, opening of bank accounts worldwide, receiving pseudo financings, conducting international trade and so on.

The offshore companies should be used for tax planning, optimization, instead of from evasion of payment of taxes that is in turn pursued by the law. There are enough ways of optimization not only the taxation, but also business as that. It is impossible to argue that any offshore bad, any good, everything depends on many factors. It is necessary to define, first of all, the purposes and tasks, for some companies a determinant will be political stability, for others – lack of the taxation, absence of the reporting etc.

Confidentiality is one of fundamental motives of existence of offshore business. First of all, it is protection of data of the actual owner of the company, the beneficiary. At registration of the offshore company granting a x-copy of the valid passport of the benefitsiarny owner is required. One of good and effective ways to achieve confidentiality is to send by fax a x-copy of the passport of any entrusted person, or a x-copy of other passport. Will never check its authenticity. The requirement of the document is formal implementation of the requirement of the law. Provide any name – and then confidentiality will be kept.

Also confidentiality of possession of the company is guided by institute of nominal owners and nominal directors. It means that in registration documents surnames not real owners, and nominal persons are specified. Services of nominal owners and directors provide the secretarial companies which specialize on a complex of services in registration of the offshore companies. In most cases the head of the offshore company is the owner.

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