Deposit: profit or protection against inflation?

Deposit: profit or protection against inflation?Passed through economic collapse the 90th people ceased to trust a banking system, having paid attention to cash preservation of money in foreign currency. However and such way is not capable on all 100 % to protect savings of the inhabitant. After all on money, not very well what they the states, influence a set of factors: political relations, gross domestic product, inflation, etc.

Financially unstable time sets thinking how to keep the money in more reasonable way, rather than to entrust them notorious "bank". Let’s consider, whether the depositary contribution advertized by banks is capable not only to save up, but also to make profit from the labor accumulation received from a salary, popular фриланса, such as advance in searchers of a site or any other source of the income.

Banks offer different types of deposits: from "classical" (as a rule, with the main interest rate which is acceptable to bank), and different deposits of "aktsionny" type (with the increased percent). For example, for the end of December banks of Ukraine offered the deposit with a rate to 26 % per annum.

The situation with the increased bank percent can also to signal about the forthcoming unstable provision of national currency, but information on falling of a course reaches citizens as a rule "the day after tomorrow". As a result it is possible to risk a small part of savings, and to enclose them under high percent. Seemingly not bad: we sit, we wait dividends. But it is worth to remember about monetary "plant louse" – inflations. This financial constant as corrosion, constantly reduces value of our money. For Russia for the end of 2012 it made 8 points that on 4 points less Ukrainian inflation. From a rate of inflation differ also bank percent on deposits.

How to save up and increase our means? Further simple arithmetics. We leave on the deposit the percent equal to a rate of inflation. Let’s say we have a deposit under 16 % per annum. Let’s subtract from it inflation percent (for example, the Ukrainian, equal 12 %). What turns out? We protected means from inflation, and on it at us 3/4 interest rates of the deposit left. The rest on profit made 4 %. Yes, it is a little. To live for 4 % it is possible, only having put on the deposit huge to measures of the inhabitant the sum. But we protected "blood", and the remained profit will suffice, as to an example, on a good gift.

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