When problems of small business in Ukraine

will stop When problems of small business in Ukraine

Problems of small business in Ukraine

At the good owner the cattle is always fed, in a shed is pure, full and grateful cows give a good yield of milk.
So should be. It seems to me that cows are lucky more than to people.
Ukraine – the rich country. People here the hard-working. I – a part of these people. To live more or less properly opened small business. After payment of a uniform tax, rent, obligatory payments on the content of business it is necessary a few on to eat. The businessman asks nothing from the state, only one – give the chance to earn. Thus it not only provides itself(himself), but also to the state pays taxes. To the state to rejoice that it such clever and far-sighted, on the contrary …. To the state all is not enough! And the businessman turns, as can. It is good that our people pridumkovaty, will always find a way out. He knows that if very much it is necessary to the state, it is better not to argue, and at once to give. After all if you will not give, it can become angry and it will be absolutely bad. Here the small businessman of also allows to milk.
With introduction of the new Tax Code, the picture changes. After all payments on it is not necessary to eat. And if the businessman the pensioner, to it not that that on it is not necessary to eat, and still it is necessary to give a part of the pension to the Pension Fund as additional collecting. Here also leaves that the good owner cares of the cows before them to milk, and our "owners" forgot about it.
The soul hurts, cries the head off. Laws are adopted and are subject to execution.Выход one – to turn off business. And at once comes up from round the corner a question: And how to me to live? Neither the president, nor the cabinet, deputies answer this question cannot. All the actions they to us shout: »Live, as want!».А I so cannot live, I do not want and I will not be! I too pridumkovaty, I am people!

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