Main features of registration of joint stock company

Main features of registration of joint stock company

Main features of registration of joint stock company

According to the current legislation, joint stock company (closed joint stock company) is a commercial organization where the authorized capital is divided into limited number of the actions certifying duties of holders in relation to the company: actions are distributed only between founders or between in advance stipulated circle of people. In closed joint stock company each founder has the share of actions, he cannot sell the share to the third parties, but can get shares of other founders. Joint stock company registration as the enterprise issuing stocks and securities occurs a little differently, than SP or open company.

That is necessary for joint stock company registration

To register joint stock company to you it will be necessary to execute the following actions:

  • to provide the legal address of the owner of the enterprise (which should correspond actual)
    • to think up a company name
    • to decide on the size of authorized capital, according to it the form of activity of the enterprise is defined also
    • to choose the management and to decide on structure of founders
    • it is obligatory to provide authentic passport data of each of founders
    • to put firm on the account in tax authorities and the budgetary funds
    • to receive an extract about registration in ЕГРЮЛ

For passing of complete registration to you it can be demanded about two months as only it is necessary for a share issue about a month.

Differences of joint stock company from other forms of the enterprises

Than joint stock company differs from other organizational and legal forms:

Unlike open company, at alienation of the participant of joint stock company there is no need notarially to certify the contract on alienation.
The number of participants (founders) should not exceed 50 people.
The minimum sum of authorized capital – 10000 rubles from which at least 50 % are paid for date of filing of application about registration.
In joint stock company it is impossible to sell actions without a consent of founders. To tell more precisely, shareholders have the right of advantage to purchase of actions.
The property and assets of closed joint stock company can be distributed among founders only in case of its elimination.

Than the closed joint stock company is more favorable than other organizational and legal forms?

First, it is the closed access to information on shareholders (actions do not appear on free sale). Secondly, joint stock company has accurate system of division of profit and management of society. Thirdly, at the expense of sale of shares the workers can solve a motivation question as the hired workers combining functions of the owner, will be interested in company development.

The company «Union of registrars» carries out registration of joint stock company and other legal entities, and also sale of the ready companies and a number of other services. If you for the conclusion of the transaction need to register firm or to receive the ready – address. Skilled lawyers of the company will help the qualified.

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