What expects world economy in 2012?

What expects world economy in 2012?According to analysts, growth of world economy in the come year will be slowed down a little, however the world nevertheless will manage to avoid the next recession. But on a planet all as continues to wander a ghost of an economic crisis. Whether here only alarms and the fears concerning this crisis in economy are inflated?

Though New year came quite recently, and economic recession is already observed. However, only in the European Union. Other countries, for example, Russia, China and the United States of America, show though small, but quite steady growth. Almost all macroeconomic indicators testify that the situation extremely differs from a situation in crisis 2008.

As to Europe, she steeps in recession. Nevertheless, many analysts consider that it will have limited character. Everything depends on in what condition there will be European markets.

So, today some scenarios of development of an economic crisis in Europe are outlined. As the most probable scenario it is necessary to take a situation in which nevertheless it will turn out to keep complete control in the European debt markets. And from in what condition they will appear, all world economy will depend.

At the worst scenario the economy of the European union entirely will undergo recession. Therefore, debt and budgetary indicators will undergo decrease.

However experts calm us that it is not necessary to be afraid of a new wave of an economic crisis as that is not expected in the near future. But it is not expected only in case the world will worry January, February and March, that is, those month on which the peak of financing of the European debts dropped out.

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