6 most important questions of eBay

6 most important questions of eBay

6 most important questions of eBay

How fast the goods won at auction come?
Across America the goods reach the recipient in a week. If you live in Russia, then you to this term need to add still time for transfer of cargo and delivery to your address. It, generally, can take 5-30 days. Naturally here it is necessary to consider and a way by which the goods will be delivered.

What goods can be exposed on the eBay auction?
At auction it is possible to sell actually all goods except drugs, pornographies, drugs, the weapon, explosive and so on. As it is impossible to sell the goods which are forbidden by auction.

What quantity of money can be earned, selling the goods at auction?
Question certainly the interesting. Auction is some kind of business. Here everything depends only on you. Therefore to tell precisely, how many you can earn very difficult. To receive here money first of all it is necessary to work strenuously. But if you though do something, you have every chance to earn in a month of at least $100-200.

How to establish at auction the goods?
For this purpose, what to establish the goods at auction it would be necessary to find an inscription of "Sell" which designates to sell. After that you should enter and become authorized. For authorization your ID and the password will ask to enter you. After that you enter information which from you will request. The prize name, the short description, goods photo, period of validity of auction, cost belongs to such information and so on.

How it is better to issue a prize?
As the most important elements of registration of a prize are considered: name, description of the goods, photo, yours sites and so forth. In heading keywords with which you describe your goods are written. The matter is that the goods look for on search engines. Therefore the heading is oh a part on which look for a thing. The goods should be described to trifles. It is necessary to include such questions in the description as year the manufacturing, what firm let out a product, its color scale, quantity of additional accessories, to describe, mass of the goods. It is besides very good, when at the characteristic of the goods there is any history about this subject. Here you can tell, for what it is necessary for you and surely tell, how it helped you with an unpleasant situation. Thus, you influence mentality of the seller. Surely on page with the exposed goods arrange to pair of photos or more. One or two photos will show your goods in a general view, and some others try to concentrate to more fine details. It can be both pluses, and product minuses. In the section geography, you are obliged to write, with what countries you work, and how many there is a delivery. The buyer should know, how many there is a delivery as it will pay it.

What to do in order that the goods looked through bigger number of people?
For a start well think over heading of your goods. On it the goods are found. Write as the bigger number of keywords is possible. After that you can place your goods in several categories. Besides it is meaningful to put the reference in the description of the goods, having clicked on which people can pass to the full list of the goods offered by you. So you can receive a good traffic.

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