How to win the tender?

How to win the tender?

What is the tenders

This year in Russia the Federal Law No. 223 «About purchases of the goods, works, services by separate types of legal entities« came into force. Now tenders on electronic platforms should publish the majority of legal entities. In the Resolution of the government of the Russian Federation from June 21, 2012 of N 616 it is possible to look at lists of the goods, works and the services which purchase should be carried out in electronic form.

Objectively speaking, tenders are rather old term originating (according to different analysts) from the remote past. The history of the tender began when the customer reflected on comparing competing offers.

The client was not spent for market researches, and producers offered different combinations "quality price" Actually the tender – very useful and convenient form of the auction for both parties pozvorlyayushchy to reveal objectively the best offer.

If you know "reefs", tenders help to choose the best! The main thing that it is necessary to know, – the tender is a competition. The customer formulates and publishes the desire something to buy (the goods, service and so forth), and the supplier in reply describes the offer in details. According to the rules accepted in tender documentation and conditions, suppliers should give the best terms of delivery on consideration of the tender commission.

With the winner of the electronic auction who presented the most favorable offer, the contract is signed for implementation of the arrangement.

How to win the tender?

Experts express different opinion, but the most important – experience of participation in the auction. It allows to understand specifics and to turn out experience. Always it is necessary to paint the resources accurately. A large number of suppliers right at the beginning make a gross mistake – select contracts for the declared sum, without counting the possibilities.

Competent drawing up of the application for participation – the tender offer – is not less important factor. Some companies do not pass a stage of verification of the offer and documentation. Surely make the application for participation attentively and laboriously! Correctly written offer surely contains requirements of tender documentation for quality and technical characteristics and provides 30 % of success in the auction.

Attentively make documentation and the offer, surely paint the resources, consult with experts and start to win with ease tenders.

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