We register firm: whether the legal aid is necessary?

We register firm: whether the legal aid is necessary?

We register firm: whether the legal aid is necessary?

Registration of own enterprise an obligatory step for all who is going to be engaged in business. And already here, right at the beginning, before you there is a choice: whether to charge this procedure to professionals, or to be engaged in everything independently.

The desire to be engaged in procedure of registration of the legal entity with own hand speaks simply – the businessman tries to save. After all at first sight all necessary actions simple and quite on forces to the person though a little able to work with documents. However so the economy is great to spend the time for bustle with on instances.

Question price? So, how many it is necessary to spend to the businessman that open company registration took place in Moscow without problems? Naturally uniform price-list of cost of such services is not present. Each firm establishes own quotations, but having analysed some offers it is possible to draw a conclusion that level of the expenses connected with payment of professional lawyers – are strongly exaggerated.

Registration of all necessary documents, services of the notary, press manufacturing, opening of the account and payment of the state tax and even authorized capital formation – all this will cost from five rubles to thirty five thousand. Ridiculous money on modern times. Thus there is a registration of turnkey open company, that is you receive completely ready firm for business. It means that you not only receive documents, but also consultation on the correct formation of an authorized capital and other slippery questions of legal registration of creation of the enterprise.

The help if you need use of the legal address distinct from the address of the actual site of firm will be especially useful or the firm in general has no address. For example, the small Internet shop can do without office or a warehouse, however the legislation all the same demands existence from it the legal address. To solve this problem it is possible by means of firm which prepares documents for registration.

Other advantage of such services – speed. Usually promise to lead you through all procedures in seven-ten days. And, as a rule, these terms keep within. But even if procedure for any reasons lasted more long, for example, fifteen days are all the same much quicker, than you will make it independently. And for business it is very important to protect not only money, but also time. Often these weeks lead to financial losses which appear more than fee of law firm.

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