Problems of a set of the linear personnel

Problems of a set of the linear personnel


Probably, each company faced a problem of a set of the personnel for routine work which does not demand any special skills. Performance of such work is necessary that activity of other workers and all organization, did not stop. The category of workers which is engaged in daily routine work, is called as the linear personnel.

The linear personnel is the main labor of any organization. As a rule, it makes the greatest part of all workers. It and cashiers in shop, and the cleaner at office, and the builder on building, and the waiter at restaurant, and the courier in the organization. As a rule, on such vacancies take unqualified workers: students, young mothers, pensioners. Though, experience as always is welcomed.

The main problem of the linear personnel is the constant tekuchka of shots. Such employees as a rule get quite low wages therefore on initial positions in the company practically nobody is late long. Among the linear personnel it is possible to allocate some groups of workers:

  • The qualified employees possessing special knowledge. The salary of such workers is usually higher than average on category. In the best way the stable salary without delays, and also system соц will hold this group of shots. packages, compensations, privileges, free journey or dinners.
  • Young mothers and pensioners. It is often difficult to representatives of this group to find work therefore also the salary at them is often underestimated. Young mothers, of course, are more mobile. If good conditions and compensation turn up, they will replace a work place. The main motivator for this group of the personnel is stable and regular payment of a salary.
  • Students. It is the most difficult withheld group of workers. They constantly look for the best conditions. Such conditions can be not only salary level, but also the convenient schedule of work if it is a podrabotka during study. The reason to remain for the student is career growth and, respectively, salary growth.

If it is required to you skilled workers, selection of the linear personnel is better for entrusting personnel agency. It will select for you the most professional candidates. In case on a vacant place the worker without experience is required, it is possible to be engaged in search independently. However, it is necessary to remember that the recruiting agency will help to reduce a tekuchka of shots, selecting the candidates most motivated and aimed at long work.

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