As what to choose a type of the taxation?

As what to choose a type of the taxation?You decided to begin own business? For certain already there is a certain idea and the starting capital? But it only iceberg top. Still it is necessary to solve a large quantity of questions. One of the main is the right choice of system of the taxation, after all how you can dispose of the finance and what taxes will pay, your main income depends.

Today three systems of the taxation are offered: it is the general system, the fixed patent and a uniform tax. Thus absolutely there are no concrete recommendations about selection of this or that system. Each businessman should solve independently as it will keep the accounting reporting and how he will pay taxes to the state.

It is good, if there is a possibility to consult with the skilled expert who worked earlier with all three systems. It can recommend to you that most of all will approach in your case. Today there is a large quantity of the companies which offer accounting any services. Here you can address for consultation, previously having provided full information on future firm.

If you plan to do business with a large revenue, and the staff will exceed ten people, most likely, to you will suggest to choose the general system of the taxation. It should be noted also that some kinds of activity do not provide use of a uniform tax and the fixed patent. In this case also it is necessary to work at the general system.

Business owners who begin business with the minimum investments, often choose a uniform tax. Thus, such system of the taxation provides occupation by only certain kinds of activity. Monthly the businessman will pay a certain sum of taxes which will not depend on revenue.

The fixed patent is chosen more often by the businessmen trading in the market. It is the simplest system of the taxation. It does not provide the huge income and also is limited to certain kinds of activity.

What system to choose – to solve to you. Weigh all pros and cons and surely previously consult to the qualified expert.

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