Accounting outsourcing: pluses and minuses

Conducting accounting and tax accounting at the first stages of development of business when the number of economic operations minimum, can be carried out by own strengths of the owner of business. The head of small enterprise or the business owner independently make the minimum list of primary documents and on their basis form the accounting and tax reporting.

However at business expansion when the number of economic operations increases, independent maintaining accounts department becomes inconvenient and demands thorough knowledge of standards of accounting and the tax legislation. In this situation the businessman faces need to entrust conducting accounting and tax accounting to the professional. However for this purpose he should solve a dilemma – that is more effective: to employ the regular accountant or to use the company services, carrying out business support.

Accounting outsourcing: pluses and minuses

Accounting outsourcing: pluses and minuses

Now many businessmen even more often make a choice for outsourcing. Let’s analyse, what advantages and shortcomings cooperation with the companies-autsorserami has.

It is possible to carry to the main advantages of accounting and tax outsourcing:

  • Lower cost of services of outsourcing in comparison by expenses on salary payment to the regular accountant.
  • Lack of the expenses connected with the organization of a workplace of the regular accountant (granting a room, acquisition of office furniture, computer equipment and the software).
  • High ratio of the price and quality of services of outsourcing.
  • Granting guarantee by the company-autsorserom.

As to shortcomings of tax and accounting outsourcing, its main minus considered risk of violation of confidentiality. All information concerning activity of the company, becomes known to the third parties that increases risk of its hit in the order of competitors. Therefore it is necessary to approach to a question of a choice of the outsourcing company with special care.

One more important point is control of work of an autsorser. Responsibility which is born by the outsourcing company for the allowed mistakes, and also an order of the reporting of an autsorser before the client should be surely registered in the contract on rendering of services of support.

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