The best ways of storage of money

The best ways of storage of money

The best ways of storage of money

Probably, today many ask a question of how to keep and at possibility to increase the money. As which year economic instability in many countries dictates to society a number of own conditions, a large number of people are interested in keeping the accumulation without the minimum losses. Therefore, we want to present you five ways of safe storage of money.

On the first place, certainly, bank deposits (we will tell you interesting news, what not in each country it is favorable to put money for long-term deposits as it is admissible in England for the third year of a contribution taxes have big percent). This way chooses more than 30 % of the population as banks can guarantee decrease in depreciation of accumulation, and also return of deposits thanks to insurance services. This way of storage of money is the most popular as its availability and clearness involves the very many. However experts advise to apply at once some ways that all accumulation were kept and, probably, even are increased greatly.

The investment of money in real estate takes the second place of a rating. Besides, 20 % of investors consider that it is the way simplest and checked by time. And experts are declined to thought that apartment acquisition – the most favorable way of an investment, than household purchase. Some investors prefer an investment of money in commercial real estate. However in case you want it to construct at first, the admission сро will be necessary for you.

On the third place – a house method of storage of money. Among advantages of such way it is possible to note only that they always near at hand. And here the same inflation is a lot of minuses, for example. However you can always buy the apartment on this money or build the house. And here not to do without сро in construction.

The fourth line of a rating lawfully belongs to investments in securities as this type of investments is capable to block rate of growing inflation. Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember that securities demand financial literacy therefore are rather dangerous way of investment.

The fifth place is occupied by investments of money in precious metals. Such way of investment involves only 10 % of the population. That who chooses a similar way of storage of the accumulation, it is necessary to think of reliable safety of jewelry. In this case also the introduction in SRO very opportunely is necessary.

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