It is a little about the credit

All of us know about such thing, as the credit. We know that it can be taken, for example, in any bank or bank office under pledge or on long-term using. However not everyone knows that means by itself the term "credit" and what functions it is capable to carry out. Our purpose – to tell you about it.

So, the money advance which stands out bank for any certain term under condition of recoverability, and also payments of credit percent is called as the credit. Let’s notice that the bank credits have the various classification defined by a number of signs. Thus, the bank credits can be divided on such signs: on a maturity date (short-term, medium-term or long-term etc.), on a way of repayment (can be repaid by one sum at the very end of the demanded term, equal parts through identical temporary intervals or unequal parts through different temporary intervals), on a designated purpose (loans of the general character, payment loans, target loans etc.) and also on categories of those who borrows, that is, on categories of potential borrowers. To the last carry the credits for legal entities and individuals, agrarian loans, commercial loans or mortgage loans that who owns a certain real estate. To list classification of the bank credits it is possible still for a long time, however in the above-stated classification that interests the borrower more often is collected.

As to requirements to process of delivery of the credits, they are quite simple. The credit stands out in a cash or non-cash way on the basis of the order which is made by specialists of this bank and which is signed by the authorized official.

It is clear that you can spend the credit taken in bank in any purposes, but sometimes housing rent under any office is a main goal. If you intend to take the credit for housing rent, you should consult with the expert concerning credit repayment further. Rent housing you can, proceeding from various announcements.

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