What can reduce probability of issuance of credit?

What can reduce probability of issuance of credit?According to analytical agencies debt funds used ever more than 80 % of the population of our country. But now quite most part of those who addressed for a mortgage leave with anything, without having issued a demanded loan. Any bank has for itself the right not to speak in causes of failure and nuances at everyone different, but, there are certain moments which will essentially reduce chances in any credit organizations.


The greatest chance the person has, which age from 25 to 45 years. The exception, certainly, happens, but is rather rare. Why? The young borrower often has neither positive credit responses, nor permanent job, and about the young man of a man’s half in general conversation special. To give a guarantee that will not call the guy of 18-20 years not serving still in military unit very hard and clearly that in this situation to take away from it back the given-out money it will be very heavy.

Also the bank and is skeptical about the borrower which age it is possible to call pension. Even the most loyal commercial bank establishes a return deadline not later 55 (for the woman) and 60 (for the man) years. An exception is the credit when the acquired real estate or the car will be pledge in bank, for example, the mortgage or autocrediting as any such loan has more than guarantees of return of means – in a situation of delay or inability return means bank can to take away the car or the dwelling and to compensate the expenses. Also it is necessary to remember about an initial contribution. The sum of such contribution can not exceed handle cost Parker, and can make a half of cost of bought object.

Education and experience existence.

It is quite logical that the bank is more loyal to the person which stability of work does not raise special doubts. Than prestigiousness of the HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION appearing in your crust is higher, and the workplace is more demanded, the probability of receiving the credit is higher. And here the low-qualified specialty of a bonus, alas, does not give – such people get under dismissal to situations if affairs at the administration go not absolutely well more often. Besides, receiving the higher education assumes that the person is capable to go to a goal that, by itself, says that it will return means.

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