Choosing the broker, or on what to pay attention

Choosing the broker, or on what to pay attention

Choosing the broker, or on what to pay attention

Forex became so popular today that there is no need to explain that it and why it exists here some years. Besides, we have a set of other related subjects though indirectly. For example, question of a choice of the broker. The quantity and a variety of those allows us to choose the best, but thus complicates process of a choice.

As well as in case of a bank choice for work, search of the partner for cooperation in business, there is a certain list of criteria which is urged to provide to us success in this case. Let’s walk according to this list.

So, the first that should draw our attention is a structure of system. Its reliability is a basis on which ourselves lean both all other factors and criteria which will be described further. The system should be carefully checked, and work in it should be conducted on the maximum speed. However, here problems arise extremely seldom therefore this criterion almost does not narrow search. As far as the system is located to growth and development as this process in this case makes the maximum profit is important as also.

Capacity of system almost always exceeds any limits, however it is necessary to consider that any system works with suppliers of liquidity at whom this ability is much less. So, for example, GKFX ECN works with capacity in 10 thousand warrants a second, and here suppliers hardly hold out to a hundredth part. However in this case the problem is solved by cooperation with unlimited number of suppliers.

The majority of us looks for in the broker at the same time transparency and the maximum automation of work. But all understand what to reach an ideal in both directions moreover and to keep convenience thus – extremely difficult. The optimum decision in this case is existence of possibility to trace the warrants and the main data flows, for the rest business can be provided to system. By such principle many brokers, including mentioned before GKFX today work.

It is worth to remember as that the system how would not be automated, at first works with it, you will need the help of the expert. And further there can be situations when the expert opinion will not appear superfluous. With it we are helped by numerous forums, and as answers to questions of heads of the company.

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