Leasing, the credit or rent – that is better?

Leasing, the credit or rent - that is better?Any business, it is not dependent on a field of activity and form of ownership, existence of own room under a warehouse, office or shop demands. Demand for rent of commercial real estate increases every year, at the same time and the price grows. And to rent a room under needs of business it is required to enclose the large sum, thus funds for that that to develop own enterprise simply do not suffice. And when there is no confidence that the price for a room will remain stable, it is necessary to look for other ways. Certainly, today far few businessmen and businessmen presume to buy to themselves office or a warehouse, however to find the favorable offer after all it is possible.

The simplest option to become the owner of own office or shop purchase of commercial real estate is. It is quite natural that is far not everyone presumes similar luxury on own account, and to take away money from a turn not so clever decision. Nevertheless, today there are at least two ways to become the owner of commercial real estate, and to solve which approaches in a concrete situation it is possible by means of experts.

The most popular option today is crediting, but here it is possible to face several problems. It both high percent, and small term of crediting, a volume package of documents and a high probability in refusal on receiving a loan. During too time, professionals not only will assist in receiving the credit in Moscow, but also will consult on interesting questions, will help with paperwork and demands.

Today for a number of banks crediting of legal entities is the priority direction, and many of them specialize on work with representatives of small and medium business, and also with individual businessmen. Besides standard programs, the credit and financial organizations offer also specialized products, in particular mortgage programs on purchase of commercial real estate. Information on these or those products is constantly updated that allows the broker to pick up in a short space of time optimum option in each case.

However if crediting in bank does not approach for one reason or another, the credit broker can offer alternative to a loan, namely leasing. Advantages of leasing treats:

  • The minimum package of documents for registration;
  • Absence of pledge;
  • Rather long term of crediting
  • Many other things is not taxed also.

Thus, purchase of commercial real estate becomes more real, and skilled professionals will help to pick up ideal option for you.

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