Lviv becomes the leader in investment

Lviv becomes the leader in investment

Lviv becomes the leader in investment

According to the researches which have been carried out by the edition of Financial Times, the Ukrainian city of Lviv was included into the list of 10 cities of Europe which can apply for a rank of «The best city of the future». These cities can become in the near future the extremely favorable to capital investment and business as a whole.

It is necessary to notice that today among investors of one of the most historical cities of Ukraine the lion’s share is made by Ukrainian businessmen. Foreigners note that the political situation in the country as a whole should influence appeal of the city to businessmen.

Such news pleased the Lvov City Council much, probably, for this reason, city budget did not provide uniform kopek on investment advance of the city. Whether the authorities early were delighted? A large number of reviews of establishments of Lviv says that the mighty of this world has all reasons for pleasure and even triumph.

And here citizens apprehended news with a sarcastic look, the reason to which the main problem of the city served. The matter is that residents first of all worry not about financial receipts in treasury, and a traffic intersection. Let’s remind that in Lviv, because of crudity of transport system, inhabitants not always (and even it is very frequent) cannot reach in time a work place in rush hour.

This fact as influences how foreign investors will favorably apprehend the Ukrainian city much. Therefore the last at present "bypass" Lviv the attention, preferring to study thoroughly a situation not only the general, but also local character. However, the political situation in the country will be a determinant, according to experts, nevertheless – this problem demands the most active actions directed on its decision.

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