The updated rating of favorable conditions for business in the world

The updated rating of favorable conditions for business in the world

rating of favorable conditions for business in the world

The Russian Federation took the 92nd position in the rating table of usefulness of the business Doing Business environment which for this year was made by the World bank and the International financial organization (IFC). The statistical document was published a few days ago. Places near Russia were given to Barbados (the 91st position) and Serbia (the 93rd position).

Last year the rating of usefulness of the business environment developed in such a manner that the Russian Federation put on the 112th line. It should be noted that for the past year for an assessment of the states eleven indicators, and in the flowing – ten were used. For this reason the decision on revision of a last year’s rating therefore Russia appeared on the 111th place was made.

Because the Russian Federation moved on nineteen lines up, it appeared in the three of the states which caused a stir the greatest rates of increase of usefulness of business conditions. The greatest increase in the rating table "Doing Business" concerned Ukraine which added 28 positions and has appeared on the 112th place. Besides, «changes to the best» are connected with Kosovo, Philippines, Burundi, Macedonia, Rwanda, Djibouti, Cote d’Ivoire and Guatemala.

It is necessary to emphasize that at the end of spring of last year the president of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the normative document «About long-term state economic policy» which provides need of taking measures, directed on change of position of the Russian Federation in «Doing Business» rating to the fiftieth place in a year and to the twentieth – in four years.

The leader among powers which have the most favorable conditions for implementation of commercial activity is Singapore. At the same time, in the first five it is necessary to allocate presence of Hong Kong, Denmark, the United States of America and New Zealand. The last, 189th position, Chad, and penultimate – TsAR borrows. On the third line Libya which for the first time included in the rating table "Doing Business" from below settled down.

Let’s remind that the state arrangement in a rating of "Doing Business" is influenced by the following criteria: business opening, obtaining licenses for construction, availability of power networks, legal protection of capital investments, availability of credit system etc.

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