Pictures from dry flowers – stylish and profitable business

Pictures from dry flowers – stylish and profitable business

Pictures from dry flowers

In picture CIS countries from сухоцветов practically you will not see in shops. The type of this business is not developed in the countries of the former Soviet Union therefore the niche is at present free and enterprising people can pick up it.
Pictures are always made of dry plants and flowers manually and they unique. There is no possibility to collect a collage of two identical works. Therefore such work belongs to work of arts. Compositions from dry flowers stylish and expensive. The price is influenced by quality of manufacturing and the size of a picture.

And anything difficult in it is not present. Remember school days when you collected a herbarium during the aestivo-autumnal period. The main material look for on a lawn, in park, in a front garden, at a dacha and a kitchen garden, in the wood, on a beach.
It is important to dry a collected material correctly. To collect a picture it is possible right after a zasushka during the whole year.
Investments of money are minimum. It is necessary for you to visit department of stationery and to get frames of the different sizes, PVA glue.
At the beginning take a beautiful card or the photo about the image of flowers, look at it and make the composition.
If you love and are able to draw, draw the sketch of the future masterpiece and on it be engaged in assembly. Experience and skills will appear with each subsequent picture, quality will improve. Pictures will begin to appear quicker, one is better another.

 For any celebration relatives and friends at you always will have a fine gift. Such compositions remain for years, bring pleasure and pleasant memories.

At the beginning of development of business by your buyers there is your environment, acquaintances. Further, gift shops and souvenirs will order to you pictures, and you will start to receive money. Maintain reputation. It is good idea for business, develop and develop the business. Good luck and prosperity!

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