SP registration in tax authorities

SP registration in tax authoritiesThe most difficult moment when opening SP registration in tax authorities is considered.

So, you prepared 4 documents necessary for registration (or 3, depending on a choice of system of payment of taxes). How now to register your SP status?

To begin registration it is necessary better since the morning that you with guarantee all were in time (actually all process passes very promptly, however it is just in case better to have some hours in a stock). In this operations procedure at registration of SP process at which registration/opening of SP passes on model of «a uniform window», i.e. the most part of your documents to you is considered it is necessary to hand over/receive in one window (registering IFNS). If in your settlement this system does not function, try to specify, where also you need to submit what additional documents.

Take all in advance prepared documents for registration necessary for you and the passport of the Russian Federation and now go in local registering tax office. Information posters where registration of SP is painted пошагово there hang, and also samples of all necessary documents with requisites are enclosed. Verify a correctness of filling of registration documents and requisites. At the correct continuation – it is possible to continue.

Now again go to your registering IFNS where show passport data and give documentation. In Petersburg, for example, for this purpose it is necessary to take on an entrance a special individual nomerok from the electronic terminal and to pass to the specified window which will be displayed on a board in the neighbourhood with number taken by you. Turns on registration of the status of SP practically are not present (well or arise very seldom).

Further show in the window designated on a board your passport and give all collected documents and the paid receipt. In reply to you give the receipt that documents are received by the employee tax, and also to you will deliver a stamp with date when it will be necessary to come back behind documents (approximately in 5 working days, and in standard week, that is without holidays this term will increase till 7 days), and also the 2nd copy of your statement of transition to a simplified tax system with a mark about its acceptance (to store it it is necessary). If in the specified day you do not take away documents, them will send by mail.

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