Edible money

Investors pay attention to quickly growing demand for agriculture production. The abnormal heat of 2010 poured oil on the flame investments. If weather appears approximately same as in the past, it is necessary to expect rise in prices for wheat this summer. Last year because of a small harvest and the risen demand of the price grew high rates. The prices were comparable to the prices in food crisis of the end of the 80th years. This year all hope that there will be no repetition of last year’s history.
The agriculture gradually falls into decay for the reason that in agriculture few resources and innovations are put. It is not necessary to wait for unequivocal forecasts because in the countries of Europe and Africa a situation unstable in this sphere. The aggressive policy of stabilization of the market can lead to unpredictable consequences.
Large investment companies look narrowly at the market of crops for the long-term period because population growth around the world and an exit from world crisis force buyers to consume more and more food, including the grain.
According to the experts the rise in prices in this market is inevitable and artificial regulation can aggravate a situation only.

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