The dollar grows stronger, appetite to risk decreases

Investment forecast for short-term brave transactions for summer of 2011.
The federal Reserve bank of the USA gave a signal about a stop of purchases of large volumes of securities and their quantitative mitigation.
Europe against the growing stronger dollar weakened, scandal with the director of the International Monetary Fund here has still an effect. The dollar and euro relation reacted to a situation in Greece. The ruble in this plan proved to be, as well as euro because Russia is a brave asset.
The local markets squat against growth of the American currency.
The Russian stock market since the beginning of year behaves better than an average, and continuation of this tendency is expected.
The companies for short-term investments remained former, and to them the Internet companies were still added.
But the main thing governed is, that short-term transactions should be concluded on the money which loss can appear for you tragic.
The Russian economy is stuck on the world price for oil which very much is not stable recently.
Short-term jumps are observed, but the price fluctuates around 100 dollars for barrel. For Russia this very advantageous position, but at such situation at Russia small interest to economy reforming.

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