Ruled the aggressive investor

The capital which loss will not bring notable losses for the investor is necessary for brave deposits, but at a positive outcome of the transaction will bring a notable gain of money and dividends.
Now the whole world can freely sigh, because growth of economy is around the world observed and it seems that crisis passed and the lifting cycle begins.
At present the most interesting companies in respect of investments are cyclic companies.
These are the companies from absolutely various spheres of economy.
In Russia in financial sector there are two suitable banks URALSIB and St. Petersburg bank.
Now the Russian automotive industry starts to create joint ventures with leading global manufacturers because own development leaves much to be desired.
From all automakers GAZ it is allocated with prospects in the field of investments.
To put it briefly, it is necessary to be put in the company which are underestimated by the market and which liquidity sharply falls during crisis times. But in addition there is a high probability of sharp growth, and this do not need to be neglected.
In such times win those companies which make that grows in the price over time – real assets.
Financial institutions opposite, make money for inflations.
Now a question «following by the way of inflation, we move up or down?» remains open because each person has different opinions in this respect.

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