Optimum terms for investments in the market

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Optimum terms for investments in the marketIf to speak about terms, it is reasonable to allocate short-term speculation, medium-term investments and long-term investments.

Under short-term speculation from several days to 2-3 weeks, as a rule, is understood. The set of tools is suitable for such investments, except for bonds. The only thing that it is necessary to consider – that is game on speculation – that is on change of the price of an asset. Therefore "heavy" actions will not be suitable for these purposes with high dividend profitability. Surgutneftegaz привилег can be considered as an example of such actions. – this paper buy generally for the sake of dividends, it grows rather slowly.

Not so well will be suitable for short-term speculation and gold is a highly liquid and low-speculative asset, except for some separate moments in the history. For short-term investments speculative tools with high volatility are necessary. Currencies and separate actions, and also oil and such metals, as silver, a palladium can be such tools.

Medium-term investments have the horizon from several months to one year. Perhaps, it is optimum term for investments. If you, for example, were going to buy the car, let us assume, Renault a stsenik in cost of 800-900 thousand rubles, you can postpone purchase for three months and be enclosed meanwhile in any actions (for the period of winter or the demi-season period). At long-term investments you cannot quickly deduce the money. In it convenience of short-term investments.

Thus it is necessary to notice that almost all tools will be suitable for medium-term speculation depending on market condition. Dividend actions and short-term bonds with bills (for 3-4 months and half a year) can be convenient for such investments. Gold is capable grow for some months. And currencies also can give quite good movements within a year. Practically any tool in these or those conditions can be used for earnings on such period – and it is possible to earn both on change of quotations, and on additional profitability.

Long-term investments are investments for some years, investments. Very often such term is used for capital preservation. The horizon is very convenient at an investment in the bond and an action with high dividends.

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