It is more than money – more freedom

If you possess big money, for you the frontier of the USA opens. If you the well-founded investor to receive residence permit in the USA it is possible.
Many countries offer programs of investment emigration, including the USA. The regional city center Dallas is the organization which involves the capital of foreign investors and in exchange gives residence permit in the USA for the investor and his family.
Such program is called EVES-5 and is carried out since the beginning of the 90th years.
For receiving residence permit the minimum size of investments makes 500 thousand dollars.
Also taking into account additional contributions total amount turns out even more approximately on 70 thousand dollars.
That the investment should create at least 10 additional workplaces enters into conditions of the program also.
After obtaining "green card" the investor has a free access on the territory of the USA.
One more nuance can deprive of you residence permit is a stay outside of the USA more than 180 days in a row.
It is also necessary to pay regularly all taxes and to keep in contact with the immigration lawyer.
Five years of continuous stay give the chance to obtain the American nationality.
And after all advantages of the American nationality are known to almost each person in the world. It and safety of health, finance, lives, the best universities and colleges, and cases of refusal of nationality the extremely rare.

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