Special Recommendations for Combating the Financing of Terrorism

SRI Ratify and implement relevant UN conventions and resolutions. SRII Criminalize terrorist financing.

SRIII Implement measures to freeze and confiscate terrorist assets.

Подпись: 8SRIV Have a suspicious transaction reporting requirement that applies to suspicion of terrorist financing.

SRV Provide cooperation on proceedings related to financing of terrorism.

SRVI Implement measures to deter improper use of money – and value-transfer ser­vices.

SRVII Call for countries to require adequate originator information in fund transfers and related messages.

SRVIII Call for countries to review adequacy of laws and regulations related to non­profit organizations to prevent misuse for terrorism purposes.

SR IX Have measures to detect physical cross-border transportation of currency and bearer negotiable instruments.

Notes [18]

9. The definition of FIU has been developed by Egmont Group of Financial Intelligence Units, an international body of government disclosure receiving agencies set up in 1995 so it could enhance cooperation and information exchange to detect and combat money laundering. Egmont Group has issued guidance on information exchange and processing by FIUs.


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