ROSC A&A Methodology

Подпись: 10The World Bank has developed a diagnostic tool to gather and analyze pertinent infor­mation for preparing A&A ROSCs. This tool consists of a set of questionnaires under each of the following four components: (a) A&A environment, (b) national accounting standards in relation to IASs, (c) actual accounting practices in relation to national stan­dards, and (d) auditing standards and practices. The process adopts a highly participatory approach, with strong involvement of policy makers and other country stakeholders, and culminates in the creation of a country action plan. The information gathered from the diagnostic tool is supplemented with a due diligence exercise to capture primary experi­ences of practitioners and other facts on professional accounting and auditing practices in the country. The details of the assessment process, the diagnostic tools and questionnaires, and the ROSC preparation procedure are further discussed in Annex 10.B.

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