Role of Credit Rating Agencies in Financial Stability and Development

Credit Rating Agencies—or External Credit Assessment Institutions, as referred to in the New Basel Capital Accord—provide independent, forward-looking “opinions” to inves­tors on the credit worthiness—or ability and willingness to service debt in full and in time—of an obligor (debt issuer) with respect to a specific financial obligation, or a class of financial obligations, or a specific financial program such as a commercial paper issu­ance. Those opinions are expressed in the form of (a) a credit rating for various financial instruments and transactions such as corporate bonds (both financial and non-financial institutions); (b) obligations issued by sovereign (central governments) and sub-sovereign (state and local governments) borrowers, other public institutions, and supra-nationals (multilateral and regional institutions); and (c) structured finance transactions (e. g., asset-backed securities, project finance transactions, collateralized debt obligations).

Подпись: 10The ratings are based on current information obtained from the obligors and other sources that the rating agencies consider reliable. Judging credit quality involves analyz­ing a broad scope of relevant risk factors, often subjective, which are unique to particular industries, issuers, and countries. For a discussion of what methodologies are used in assessing country credit ratings, what the sources of possible biases are in those assess­ments, and how the rating methodology has evolved in recent years, see Bhatia (2002). Credit ratings may be of long-term or short-term duration, depending on the maturity of the instrument. Rating agencies differentiate the ability to service foreign and local cur­rency debt in their analysis and issue separate ratings by currency. They may be subject to downgrade or upgrade should a rating agency consider that material changes in the financial condition of an issuing entity warrant a rating review.14

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